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MPR Bags

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MPR Bags

  • All MPR Bags come with 10 ft (3m) of oxygen tubing
  • Single patient MPR Bags have a clear housing which allows for visualization of patient valve
  • Bag design and texture facilitates grip and manageability
  • Quality components combine to provide a wide variety of configurations
  • All components are LATEX FREE

Description – A large rubber-like bag with oxygen tubing, duck-bill valve and exhalation port, reservoir tube or reservoir bag and other components.
Objective – To initiate resuscitation and life support measures during the possibility or presences of cardiopulmonary arrest.
Settings – MPRs may be used in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, extended care facilities and ambulances.
Flow Rates – Flow rates are adjusted according to patient needs. Oxygen concentrations of 100% are desired but less may be achieved due to different factors, which may include improper mask fit or inadequate flow rate.

Reorder #: 5801
Infant MPR, Infant Mask, Std Elbow w/PMP, 600 cc/ml Bag
Quantity: 6/cs
Reorder #: 5804
Pediatric MPR, Pediatric Mask, Std Elbow w/PMP, 2500 cc/ml Bag
Quantity: 6/cs
Reorder #: 5807
Adult MPR, Adult Med Mask, Std Elbow w/PMP, 40”(1m) Corrugated Tube
Quantity: 6/cs
Reorder #: 5808
Adult MPR, Adult Med Mask, Std Elbow w/PMP, 2500 cc/ml Bag
Quantity: 6/cs

5801, 5808 HCPC: A9270

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