Heavy-Duty I.V. Pole with Quick Release Casters

Heavy-Duty I.V. Pole with Quick Release Casters

Product Code: Heavy-Duty I.V. Pole with Quick Release Casters
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Medline's heaviest duty IV stand was designed for triple-channel pumps or any application that requires an extra-stable base. This six-leg stainless steel stand has four hooks and telescoping, height-adjustable poles that are 73" when compressed and 99.5" when fully extended.


  • Long-lasting 
    Patented 3” (7.6 cm) premium Quick Release Casters help keep pole in service longer
  • Stable base
    One of the most stable bases available. A D-tube insert helps ensure stability of pole without the fear of base spinning
  • Resists tipping
    Heavy-duty 24” (61 cm) diameter low center of gravity hammer-tone cast iron base with 6 wheels help resist tipping, weighs 19.7 lbs. (9 kg)



  • Protect walls
    Rubber bumpers at end of legs help to protect walls and other objects from scuffing



  • Telescoping pole
    Stainless steel telescoping pole adjusts from 48” (122 cm) compressed to 82” (208 cm) fully extended


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