Battery-Powered Elevating Floor Lift

Battery-Powered Elevating Floor Lift

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As the number of obese individuals increases, so does their presence in healthcare settings, which can have negative consequences on workers tasked with assisting in their care and daily living in nursing home and acute care settings.

A growing number of nursing homes have begun shifting to zero-lift programs. Administrators at these facilities recognize that manual lifting and repositioning tasks are associated with an increased risk of developing injury to caregivers, and this risk increases with the weight of the resident or patient.


  • High-quality, economical power lift that meets the needs of more patients
  • Adjustable base so the legs can be positioned where you need them
  • Ergonomic design makes patient transfers simple
  • Long handles offer various grip choices for users of different heights
  • Floor pick-up capability helps prevent caregiver strain
  • Emergency stop button and lowering mechanism in case of power loss
  • 6-point cradle design provides additional support
  • 600 lb (272 kg) weight capacity

Not Just Patient Care, Caregiver Care

Not Just Patient Care, Caregiver Care

Safety and comfort for the resident, with ease of use for the caregiver.

Safe 'n Easy Lifting Program

Receive our free Safe 'n Easy Lifting program when you purchase two powered lifts or stand assists from Medline. This evidence-based program includes:

  • In-service DVD
  • Customizable lift policy
  • Implementation plan
  • Assessment tools
  • Phone support


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