Jstim Soft Knee Wrap

Jstim Soft Knee Wrap

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The Jstim is an all natural, and non-invasive treatment option for those looking to reduce pain and therapeutically treat their Osteoarthritis of the knee. This proprietary electrotherapy device that works in tandem with soft, multi-layer conductive fabric and safe infrared heat to deliver effective and efficient therapy to the afflicted joint. These combined therapies are compressed against the treatment site using compression wraps, allowing the silver garment electrodes and infrared heat band to emit therapy directly into the target joint. 
The Soft Knee Wrap is made of comfortable and breathable neoprene material, which wraps around the knee and thigh snugly, and comfortably. It is flexible, lightweight, and simple to wear. And multi-layer, infrared heat fabric is incorporated into the square electrodes patches. This wrap is one size fits most, but can be customized if needed.
This item can be added to your cart now if you wish to pay privately. In order to bill your private insurance or Medicare, please take the downloadable pdf form to your doctor, who will decide if this item is medically necessary. Please mail or fax the completed form, signed by your doctor, to ProMed DME. Approval by insurance is not guaranteed and will be determined by your insurance company. Please call our customer service department with any questions. 
Deep tissue treatment
Safe, effective and convenient to use at night while sleeping
Jstim component is compact and sporty
Runs on a lithium-ion battery
Incorporates a patient compliance timer so as to keep a record of treatment

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