DeRoyal Prolign Lumbar Orthosis

DeRoyal Prolign Lumbar Orthosis

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DeRoyal’s Prolign Lumbar Orthosis Information

DeRoyal’s Prolign Lumbar Orthosis is onstructed of hook receivable material with soft breathable liner that wicks away moisture to help prevent skin breakdown

  • Constructed of hook receivable material with soft breathable liner that wicks away moisture to help prevent skin breakdown
  • Patented dual dynamic closure system provides instant full range adjustment and maximum compression
  • Rigid anterior insert provides support to intra-abdominal and viscera region helping to unload the spine under gravitational load
  • Available in 15° and 25° spot moldable posterior ABS plastic inserts
  • Plastic d-rings for ease of application and removal

DeRoyal’s Prolign Lumbar Orthosis 


The DeRoyal Prolign Lumbar Orthosis is indicated for: Post-operative lumbar immobilization; Chronic low back pain; Lumbar muscle weakness; Lumbar strains and sprains; Mechanical or discogenic disc disease; Postural support; Degenerative disc disease; IDET procedure; Spinal blocks lumbar pain

DeRoyal’s Prolign Lumbar Orthosis



  • Increase compression
  • Reinforce lumbar region
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Low profile support
  • Improve quality of life

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