Aladdin LED Tooth Bleaching System

Aladdin LED Tooth Bleaching System

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3 grades of light intensity control in right/center/left side (high, medium, low): significantly improves the result on patients with darker shades in canine or pre-molar.

Fast and easy whitening by using three high-power 5W LEDs. 

Effective cooling system with silent fan: tranquility performance makes patient feel comfortable and effective cooling brings a longer lifespan to LEDs.

Lightweight and maneuverable: only 19 lbs. and easy to assemble with a screwdriver.

Easy control length of pole and arm: user can adjust height of pole or length of arm.

Maximum portability: 5 wheels in foot so user can freely carry the device without any cord.

Technical specifications:
Wavelength: 430-490 nm
Total operation time: 3 hours
Time to recharge: approx. 8 hours
Emission time: 20, 30, 40 mins. by modes
Dimensions: head 250 x 170 x 770mm; battery pack 105 x 160 x 735mm
Weight: head 500g (1.1 lb), pole 680g (1.5 lb), fulcrum stand 4800g (10.6 lb), battery pack & adapter 1640g (3.6 lb)
Input power: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output power 6V DC, 2.2A - See more at:

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